BLNX @ BNLX Fest at the Turf Club 4/24/15


Headlining Day 1 of BNLX Fest BNLX brought their multi media show to St. Paul’s Turf club on Friday. Band lineup is Ed Ackerson (guitar, vocals) Ashley Ackerson (bass, vocals) David Jarnstrom (drums) PD Larson (lights) Jim McGuinn (more guitar). The fact that the light tech is part of the band lineup tells you something.
Starting their set with “Vibrant” BNLX pulled their audience in and made the 300 head Turf Club seem like a much bigger venue. Their set featured their latest song “No Soul to sell” that was release a couple of weeks ago.
As a photographer I developed a love/hate relationship with their lights. I made for some very cool textures but at the same time made getting a decently exposed picture a challenge. Which goes to show that as evolved as DSLRs have become they are still several steps behind the old Mark 1 eyeball.
Overall I enjoyed seeing BLNX for the first time and will keep my eye out for them.

Set List:
Do without
No Soul to sell
Penny drops
Last Days
Blue and Gold
Devil you know
Barricades or Opposites
Industrial Action
Arrows Underground
Light it up
Rise Above

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