Black Label Society Shreds The Fillmore


Monday night, Black Label Society headlined a night of legendary metal bands at the Fillmore in Minneapolis. It was a night of great metal from start to finish and I along with the rest of the audience enjoyed every minute.

The Fillmore has a covid vaccination/testing policy like most venues, so I expected there to be lines to get into the club. But they had multiple stations set up, so entering was a breeze. Prong started the night and hit the stage early, so I missed their first song. Their set was fantastic and there was plenty of head banging and moshing. Prong has been around since the 80s and gone through a few permutations, but founder Tommy Victor has been a constant and sounded great. I really enjoyed their set and look forward to seeing them again in the future.

The second band was Obituary, another legendary band that has been around since the 80s. They have also gone through a series of changes, including a breakup in the late 90s. Their current lineup includes original members John and Donald Tardy and Trevor Peres. They started fast and didn’t let up. Head banging increased and the crowd loved every minute of their set. Obituary is working on new material, so expect to see and hear a lot of Obituary in 2022!

After Obituary finished, a giant Black Label Society curtain was pulled up and the crowd cheered wildly. There were a few empty spots on the main floor that filled in as BLS set up. The crowd sang along to some old hits during the intermission and again cheered wildly when some live Black Sabbath riffs were played behind the curtain. The curtain dropped, large plumes of smoke shot up on the stage and Zakk Wylde stomped on to the stage in his kilt, black boots and denim vest. The guitars look like toys in Zakk’s huge arms, but he attacks them like a machine gun. I last saw him a little over 2 years ago and he looked bigger (more muscular), with longer hair and beard. His legs were bruised and bloody as they were the last time I saw him, only maybe a bit more tonight.

Black Label Society played hard and loud throughout the set. The crowd didn’t want the night to end. But what a way to start the week! Maybe Mondays aren’t so bad after all.