Big Thief Weaves Their Web At First Avenue


In the indie world there are always “It” bands and for 2019 Big Thief seems to be it. Two albums and a First Ave show that has long sold out bear witness to the buzz. The vibe in the line outside was quite indie / artsy.

First up was Boston’s Palehound who professed their love for Minneapolis and name dropped a few local businesses where they had spent the day. Palehound has a similar vibe as Big Thief but takes opportunities to rock out seriously. 

There was no house music before Big Thief’s set. Instead,  an ambient soundscape filled the mainroom. The stage setup defied the arrangement of a typical band. Drum set and mics were arranged in a semi circle. Red light bathed the stage (and soft curses were heard from the photo pit). The set list was heavy toward the 2 new albums “Two Hands” and “U.F.O.F.”. With a couple from  Singer Adrianne Lenker’s solo album thrown in.  The band weaved a low key web and pulled the audience in. Big Thief’s set was about forming connections with listeners and sharing the music. If was fascinating to observe.

The show was also quite personal for Lenker who had a lot of their family from Minnesota in the Audience. She also took time to thank pretty much everyone involved in last night’s show as well as guided the audience on how to best tune their minds to the experience that is Big Thief.

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Encore: Terminal Paradise \ Mythological Beauty