Big Fancy Go Show Mixes Local And International Rap/ Hip-Hop Artists For A Day In The Sun


The outdoor music festivals continued in Minneapolis on Sunday with Go95.3’s “Big Fancy Go Show” held in the parking lot next to The Fine Line. With a mix of heavy hitting headliners and super talented local openers, there was a little something for everyone. 

Unfortunately, due to a little delay at the gate, I missed Nate Millyunz but made it in just in time to see local Gaines FM take the stage. With a set that included confetti, a mosh pit and throwing slices of pineapple pizza at the crowd, this was a great first impression of the first ever Big Fancy Go Show. There was an energy in the parking lot that was electric and had you feeling ready for a day full of fun. The crowd jumped up and down with Gaines FM and it seemed like after his short, not even twenty minute set was done, the crowd was still wanting more from him. This guys is a new face for me but he’s definitely going to be a familiar face for many very soon. 

Following Gaines FM was a much anticipated set for myself, FREEWIFI. I have been seeing posters promoting this group all over Uptown Minneapolis for the past couple of months now and I was anxious to see what they were all about. FREEWIFI is actually a bit of a local super group featuring Daddy Dinero, Tha Rift, and (a personal favorite of mine) J. Plaza. Each member’s particular style had a chance to shine and, as a group, the audience was given a completely unique sound. Their set, although far too short for my liking, packed a punch with speedy lines and heavy hitting words. 

I completely fell in love with Mac Irv and Finding Novyon. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen both of these guys previously being that they are local but there was something about their sets on Sunday that had me completely hooked. Both of them had an energy about them that just screamed positivity and fun. They were easily able to get the crowd moving and into it even though there were probably only a handful of people that had heard of them before. With so many local acts to choose from for this festival, Mac Irv and Finding Novyon were the perfect role models to pick and watching them open up such a hyped festival was a great feeling.

Bobby Raps was the final local to take the stage. With a sense of power and confidence, Bobby Raps performed a flawless set. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with and seems to be taking the local scene by storm. Judging by his performance on Sunday, he has surpassed the local scene and is now ready to take on the country. With catchy beats and music that makes you want to get up and move, his set was the perfect way to show the national and international superstars just what the local scene is made off here in the Twin Cities. Like all of the other locals that graced the stage, Bobby Raps was the perfect representation of local hip-hop and rap.

The first of the national acts to take the stage was blackbear (yes, it’s supposed to be lowercase). This 26 year old seems to be the latest trend and you could tell by the way the sold out crowd reacted to him taking the stage. After working with too many other rap and hip-hop giants to count, Blackbear seems to have really found his way as a solo artist in the current scene. With a sound that blurs the lines between rap/ hip-hop and EDM, his unique style had me hooked and excited for the future of this young kid. 

blackbear decided not to allow professional photographers – No pics for YOU!!!

Another one of my favorite acts of the day was definitely Vince Staples. This guy came up on stage without a giant intro and left the same way, without a word. His music was politically charged but didn’t come off as over-powering. He had a very professional attitude about him that I wish more people had. It was clear that he was all about the music and just there to perform. I don’t think he addressed the crowd once and, although that may come off as a bit cocky to some, I thought it was smart. Sets were super short, as in twenty to thirty minutes short, so why waste time explaining who you are when you can just grab the microphone and show the sold out crowd. It was perfect.

Finishing off the night was the one and only Wiz Khalifa. Notorious for his party-themed lyrics and love for marijuana, Wiz had a powerful set that proved that he is more than just drinking and weed, he has a true talent and isn’t afraid to show it. As clouds of smoke came up from the crowd, Wiz powered through his generous set with a sense of energy and electricity that was impossible to ignore. Mixing some old tried and true favorites with some new material, the world-famous rapper never seemed to slow down but knew how to balance his energy. Whether he was jumping around like a maniac during some of the more upbeat party anthems or just standing, clutching the microphone stand for his version of a ballad, there was an undeniable sense of authenticity about this guy that had me leaving as a fan by the end of the night.

Yesterday was another great festival that not only featured nationally recognized acts, but also the local guys. Being the first ever Big Fancy Go Show, there are definitely things to improve on (availability of water, recycling, security, and just the flow of people throughout the event) but, for a first run, this was a great line-up. I can’t wait to see what they do next year.