Best Coast bring their new sound to the Turf Club


LA duo, Best Coast, came through the Twin Cities last night. Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno, who make up the band, owned the stage at the Turf Club by playing an eclectic mix of old and new fan favorites. The new bright, psychedelic sound that can be heard on their newest album seemed to entrance every person in the venue.

The opening act was local “booty shaking” band, Brilliant Beast, hailing from Minneapolis. They provided soft melodies and echoing guitars that were the perfect way to kick off such a chill show. They were so interactive with the audience and they clearly felt at home. Which, in turn, helped the crowd feel relaxed and welcomed too.

The crowd shifted a bit closer to the stage when Brilliant Beast finished their set. As some left to buy merch, grab another drink, or make a quick run for the restroom, I decided to get up close and personal. Strangely, I was surrounded by people roughly my age, dressed pretty much the same way as me. I wasn’t feeling too unique but, hey, clearly everyone else around me also had great taste in, well, everything.

Finally, who we had all been waiting for hit the stage. I personally fell in love with Best Coast in 2011 after hearing their song “When I’m With You” right around high school graduation time. Have I seen them live many times since then? Yes. Did they still somehow manage to shock me with their talent? Hell yes. Best Coast performs like they are old friends with you and are trying to win you over all at once. Telling jovial anecdotes between songs and grooving along with the audience, they made everyone at the Turf Club feel like they were reuniting with buddies who just so happen to play fantastic tunes.

The show came to an end and I left the Turf Club in a sea of 20 something’s, already anticipating the next time I would get to see Best Coast perform.