Bay Area Rockers Papa Roach packed the Myth


The Bay area rockers packed the Myth on a cold December night. I was thrilled to have a chance to photograph and write about legendary band Papa Roach. In the early 1990’s Papa Roach hit the SF music scene hard. I was born and raised in the bay area surrounded by the killer music scene and influences. Their first album “Infest” went triple-platinum in 2000. Their sophomore album “Lovehatetragedy” went gold in 2002. In 2004 they released another platinum selling album “Getting Away With Murder”. Papa Roach has released nine studio albums to date with the latest “Crooked Teeth”. 

Cold Kingdom opened the 93x Nutcracker 2017 show. Cold Kingdom is a up and coming band from Minneapolis. The band was formed in Minneapolis in 2014. They have played many major festivals like Northern Invasion and Rockfest.  Dani Engum has extraordinary vocal range and shows a lot of promise. Cold Kingdom released their first album “The Moon and the Fool” in early 2014. They just released their second album “Cold Kingdom” in 2017. They played a quick twenty minute five song set. The crowd loved the energy and stage presence of Cold Kingdom.  Cold Kingdom is certainly a band to watch in years to come.  

Falling in Reverse followed after Cold Kingdom to the stage. The fans went nuts for the Las Vegas band. The band was formed in 2008 after lead singer left band Escape the Fate. lead singer Ronnie Radke and Falling in Reverse has released their fourth studio album “Coming Home” in April 2017. Falling in Reverse played a forty five minute eight song set. They are extremely high energy on stage and fun to watch.


Following the Falling in Reverse performance a large sheet went up. The fans were stirring with excitement and the drinks were going down fast. Papa Roach was about to show the Minnesota fans what Bay Area music is all about. The sheet dropped and the fans went crazy. Jacoby Shaddix vocals were perfect. The crowd surfing started immediately and seamed endlist.  They played a killer fourteen song set list and four encore songs. The songs included hits “Getting Away with Murder”,”Crooked Teeth”,”Help”,”Falling Apart”,”Born for Greatness” and “Last Resort”. Papa Roach hasn’t lost a step in all the years of performing. Wow what a great concert.