Band of Skulls makes us smile, Murder Shoes makes us sad at the Fine Line


Sunday night at the Fine Line turned out to be bittersweet. Sweet because because Band of Skulls absolutely brought it, bitter because we learned that opener Murder Shoes was breaking up and playing their last show.

A Minneapolis band, Murder Shoes has been around for a few years and was clearly excited to play at the Fine Line. Composed of Tess Weinberg, Christopher White, Derek Van Gieson, Elliot Manthey, and Tim Heinlein they are an indie rock band that leans a bit on the heavy side with cool vocals but not afraid to use their synths. Their set list included some new songs and their closing number “Tape Organ” gave us a great last impression of the band. Fitting the house music at the venue queue to Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world”. So long, murder shoes you will be missed.

Band of Skulls walked onto a smoke and strobe light filled stage. The trio of Matthew Hayward, Russell Marsden, and Emma Richardson wasted no time getting heavy opening with “In Love by Default” from the new album “By Default”. Their sound is rock’n roll and no gimmicks. With the have smoke the Fine Line at time fell into a haze of guitars and Band of Skulls’ vocals. A touch of British style came from a song intro: “We are going to carry on with a song from our new record: Bodies”. Overall a very enjoyable evening for indie rock lovers.
Set List: In Love by Default / Light of the Morning / Himalayan / Bodies / You’re not pretty / Black Magic / Patterns / So good / Sweetsour / Tropical Disease / Blood / Wounderluster / Honest / Cold Flame / Bruises / Hoochie Coochie / Devils / Death by Diamonds and Pearls Encore: I Know what I am / Asleep at the Wheel