Bad Suns and COIN make the Fine Line bounce


You know the feeling when you adopt a cute little puppy and a short time later you got 100 lbs of dog energy on your hand that drags you along when going for a walk? I wonder if touring bands feel that way at times about the band that’s opening for them. Last night’s Bad Suns show at the Fine Line showcase this with COIN as the opening band.

COIN the Nashville 4-piece band composed of Chase Lawrence, Joe Memmel, Ryan Winnen, and Zachary Dyke has enjoyed a couple of breakout songs this year and “Talk to Much” is sitting on top of Alt Nation’s Alt18 chart. The Fine Line was full by the time they took the stage. Usually people trickle in during the opener but a young crowd (many with parents on the upper level) was ready for them. If I had to sum of COIN in one word: “Bouncy”. Their set is high energy, their music is catchy and fun to dance to. Lawrence has great stage presence and fans were ready to sing along. Overall an impressive set.
Set List: ?? / Speaking Voice / Holy Ghost / I don’t wanna Dance / Trap / Run / Boyfriend / Talk to Much / Fingers Crossed

Bad Suns just released their second studio album “Disappear Here” last month. The band are Christo Bowman, Gavin Bennett, Miles Morris, and Ray Libby. Their fan base was just as enthusiastic (and probably with many fans shared). Of course the band is no slouch on AltNation either. One conversation I overheard in the crowd: “There’s a bunch of One Direction shirts on sale” – not sure were but the merch booth was doing good business. Bad Suns set was more on the Indie Rock side with guitars and bass driving – synths had their pace as well. The first 3 songs were from the new album. Lights were great with the band augmenting the house lights. I quite enjoyed the set and am happy to report that Bad Suns were keeping up nicely with the running puppy.
Set List: (pending confirmation) Disappear Here / Patience / Even in My Dreams, I Can’t Win / Dancing On Quicksand / Sleep Paralysis / Transpose / Daft Pretty Boys / Swimming in the Moonlight / Off She Goes / Maybe We’re Meant to Be Alone / We Move Like The Ocean / Violet / Outskirts of Paradise / Cardiac Arrest / Rearview / Heartbreaker / Salt