Are You Ready For The Basilica Block Party Next Weekend?


Twin Cities music fans are faced with a tough choice next weekend. Should they join “Hipsters Wandering In The Woods” aka Eaux Claires with it’s secret lineup or go for a sure thing closer to home by going to the Basilica Block Party that has been rocking downtown Minneapolis for 30+ summers? And proceeds are always going to a good cause. Last year’s festival was a blast and the weather forecast looks favorable.

This year’s lineup covers a range of national and local artists, some quite current, some a bit of a “blast from the past”. Jason Isbell is headlining on Friday 7/6, Cake on Saturday 7/7. And Sunday? Sunday will see the area return to normal for Church services in what’s till one of the most impressive teardown jobs of any festival I have seen. Tickets are still available HERE