Animal Collective at First Avenue – 2/28/2016


After several laying low for years,  Baltimore experimental pop band Animal Collective returned with a Vengeance with their 2016 album “Painting With”. The first single “FloriDada” release a few months earlier brought has been getting a ton of radio play. Their current tour is mostly sold out, so their show at First Avenue was eagerly expected.

Most of the crowd was packed on the main floor with relatively few choosing the sides or the balcony. Spirits were high – and judging by the smell, they were not the only thing elevated. Animal Collective took the stage behind 3 lit pillars surrounded by art work and in front of statues seemingly inspired by the Easter Islands. Their set was a good mix if their newer poppier material and older more eclectic tunes. There was not much interaction between the band and their fans, but then that’s not what the crowd was expecting. Audience energy remained high through the set and some fairly trippy dance moves were spotted. Overall a great evening.
Set List: Recycling \ Vertical \ Hocus Pocus \ The Burglars \ Daily Routine \ Lying in the Grass \ Bagels in Kiev \ Bees \ Loch Raven \ Summing the Wretch \ FloriDada Encore: Golden Gal \ Spilling Guts \ Alvin Row

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