Epic Performance by Amaranthe at Mill City Nights 5/21/2015

Amaranthe @ Mill City Nights

As the lights went out, nothing but darkness and immense screaming from the fans seemed to be present. The entrance put goosebumps on me, sirens and air raids went off, and within thirty seconds red lights started going off like alarms, and that is when pure energy started. Swedish metal band Amaranthe appeared on stage kicking off their set with Digital World, which is on their current album, Massive Addictive. It was an awesome way to kickstart things, and the fans were going nuts.

Minutes later, they followed with Trinity, a killer track, it got the audience pumped up and frenzied, as well as singing along with the chorus. Hunger, was the next track on the set-list, another one of their headbanging anthems. Everyone in the crowd was bouncing up and down, just enjoying the immense energy this track gives off. On one of the driving songs that Amaranthe boasts, 1,000,000 Lightyears, it was time to fly through space and time in a world from afar, as this melodious rich track kept the energy going. By this time, the audience was craving more. Being a major fan of Amaranthe, I got goosebumps when they broke into Massive Addictive.

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The intensity factor continued as they played the track, Over and Done. What else can I say? The song is vivid and unreal. After the continued energy and adrenaline of song after song, the mood finally slowed down and got a little more intimate, as their first ballad, Amaranthine, took over the stage momentarily. The audience calmed down, and as we watched every member put on a wonderful presence for this song. This is one of those tracks, that I believe can cater to most anyone. When the intimacy faded, it was time to turn up the amps, and get that adrenaline pumping again with Call Out My Name. Once more, the crowd jumped up and down with the music, I almost felt the ground shaking, it was that intense. At it’s end the crowd roared, demanding more.

Amaranthe appeared on stage again and jumped into the encore with Automatic followed by Dynamite. Then, with the crowd fully pumped, Amaranthe pushed the energy over the top with the endorphin-rushing song Drop Dead Cynical. The final song of the night came in the form of The Nexus.

Seeing Amaranthe headline at a venue like Mill City Nights was truly epic. It was one of the best performances from a metal band that I have seen in a long time. Simply put, high energy, full throttle AMAZING!

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