All Time Low Kick Off The Summer Ever After Tour With A Bang At Myth Live


I won’t lie, the last few days of July and the beginning of August had me feeling more than ready for fall with the cooler weather, especially on the first night of The Summer Ever After Tour. This tour, featuring All Time Low, Dashboard Confessional, and gnash, celebrated its first night at The Myth to an initially smaller than expected albeit highly enthusiastic crowd. The last time I saw All Time Low was last summer when they sold out The Palace Theater, and I fully expected going in to be in store for an incredible night. 

Opening the night was Gnash, another artist I can add to the list of performers I should have checked out prior to seeing them live for the first time. To say I wasn’t sure what to expect was an understatement;  the set started with minimal lighting, going full swing into the first song, a mixture of rock, electronic and hip hop, a pleasant surprise. It wasn’t long before a cover was thrown into the mix and his rendition of “Tell Me It’s Okay” by Paramore won me over. Not only did he throw that cover in, Gnash covered blink-182 and did “Lights Down Low,” his collab with MAX. Gnash’s set was short, but was the right start to the Summer Ever After Tour. 

Up next on stage was Dashboard Confessional. The last one I saw Dashboard was also last summer, also at The Myth, but on a coheadlining tour with the All American Rejects. Even though there seemed to be a crowd in attendance mostly for All Time Low, Dashboard commanded the stage from start to finish winning over the crowd. With the ability to transition from upbeat indie rock to slowing it down with ease, Dashboard brought a captivating and emotive performance to the stage. There’s no mistaking the power behind Chris Carraba’s voice; he was frequently pulling off challenging vocals with ease. Dashboard Confessional was far from disappointing, the band bringing a summer vibe to the stage. 

Finally, All Time Low took the stage to undeniable excitement; the screams from the crowd echoed throughout the The Myth in the moments before and during the band’s first song on stage. As soon as the band played through their first few songs (including “Stella” and “Everything is Okay”), the intensity and energy in the venue seemed to only go up. Hundreds of fans were screaming lyrics back to the stage on par and sometimes louder than the band. With a simplified stage setup of a fair amount of lights, All Time Low dominated the stage and put their onstage antics on high. It’s safe to say that The Summer Ever After Tour extends the carefree vibes and is an all around tour to catch to feel nostalgic about the quickly fading summer.