Alison Wonderland and Dillon Francis Dazzle at the Armory


Coming to town just as the cold snap ended, Alison Wonderland and Dillon Francis tapped into all the pent up energy the Twin Cities had to offer. What resulted was an evening of blissful dance, indulgence and self expression. The pair of DJs brought their Lost My Mind tour to the Armory, selling it out no less. The energy was high upon arrival and all the body glitter and bare skin told me I was in for quite the show. 

As the lights dimmed for the first act the crowd seemed to double by the minute. Music was on and everyone was excited to do what they came here to do, dance. The evening started off strong with a high energy set from Florida based DJ Diablo who strung together a series of crowd favorites that were eagerly echoed back his way. The vibe was right as Diablo made his way through his set and the taste he gave the audience made them all the more ready for the co-headliners.

The space between sets left the crowd something like a fish out of water but Australian DJ Alison Wonderland was on next. Thundering into her set after a classic slow build her electro-pop sounds revived the crowd and then some. The energy had gone up and she was matching every bit of it with her own. As she made her way through cuts from her repertoire, as the lights pulsed, the dance party continued and the crowd was loving every minute. Shouts of encouragement and thanks from Wonderland were sprinkled throughout the set. She sounded like she was having as much fun, if not more, than anyone in the crowd. Occasionally emerging from behind the ones and twos, Wonderland played what appeared to be and electric cello. This served as a nice transition piece between the headliners, entrancing the audience despite their clear desire to rage on.

Last but not least, Dillon Francis took the stage. His command of the venue was evident. Lunging immediately into fast and bassy tunes, his performance was less aloof than those before his and seemingly much more calculated. Flanked by ever changing visuals, be it alien ladies or his name repeated a few dozen times, Dillon conquered the stage and gave the people what they wanted and then some. The crowd was in peak performance during the set, simultaneously moving together and independent of each other. Two hours of near nonstop dancing had not worn on the crowd. They could have gone forever. Francis was aware that this was the case going so far as to praise the energy the crowd was throwing his way.