Alejandro Escovedo Returns To Dakota June 2


By any measure, Alejandro Escovedo is an American music icon.  While he’s officially retired from touring, there are still the occasional shows and Minneapolis is getting one of those rare treats.  Tickets are very few as of this writing.  Details can be found HERE.

During his remarkable career, Escovedo has covered the waterfront.  His early SF based band The Nuns helped set the standard for West Coast punk alongside the likes of X.  Subsequent to The Nuns, he’s produced 14 solo efforts.  They range from Tex Mex to Americana to Roots to straight up Rock & Roll.  The punk roots are never far below the surface.

Escovedo has always been a bit of chameleon.  Some of that comes from his incredibly musical band of siblings which include folk icon Pete Escovedo and Prince drummer Sheila E.  So any show is full of surprises.  No doubt the newest album La Cruzada will be heavily featured.  Long time fans will be calling for far more songs than he can possibly pack into an evening.

Texas roadhouse rocker Casey Neill will play in support.

High recommended but you’ll need to move quick!