After The Burial Bring It Home at Skyway Theatre


It was a little weird walking into Skyway Theatre for a metal show. Band tees and patch jackets filled the venue verses the normal poi spinners and eclectic outfits. I forgot about that almost immediately as I walked into the main room to hear the sweet sweet sound of guitar solos. Skyway was packed Saturday night as local metal band, After The Burial ended their Rareform Across the Continent Tour in their stomping grounds of Minnesota. 

ERRA, a progressive metalcore band from Alabama brought the ruckus. Their industrial guitar chords, melodic clean vocals and deep growling screams had the crowd amped. It was very reminiscent of August Burns Red or Born of Osiris and the crowd seemed to dig it. There was no skimping on the tempo changes, breakdowns and crowd engagement from the 5-piece band.

The Acacia Strain began their set promptly with Skynet, off of their Continent album that was released in 2008. Vincent Bennet, the lead singer, opened up to the crowd about the album. He confessed that the band has grown a lot since the release of Continent and probably will never play any of the songs live again. They finished their set with a few newer songs and left the crowd with one message. Enjoy your life while you’re here and don’t take yourself too seriously as they pointed out their funny blowup “T, A and S” stage props. I think everyone could agree with that. 

After The Burial had a well deserved hour and 15 minute set. They began with the first song off of the 10-year old album, Rareform called Berserker. At that very second the venue exploded with energy and not one body was standing still at that point. There was a lot of gratitude and appreciation towards the fans from the band.

Once Rareform was played in its entirety they also played songs off of their newer albums to finish their set. Lead singer, Anthony Notarmaso, egged the crowd on multiple times to “open the room up”. There was no shortage of crowd surfers, circle pits and head bangers. Their intricate light show complimented their mathematical style and technical riffs. 

It was a great night with high crowd energy. Each band delivered a phenomenal performance with a lot of power, precision and prowess.