Advanced Placement Tour at the Triple Rock Social Club – 2/29/2016


Satellite Radio provider Sirius XM introduced a new segment on its AltNation channel a few weeks ago “Advanced Placement”. The show highlights new releases and bands that are becoming popular. 3 of those bands are headed out on the first “Advanced Placement Tour” that kicked off in Minneapolis last night.

First up were LA Band The Moth & The Flame. Having just released their new album “Young & Unafraid” they drove 4 days to reach Minneapolis just in time for our brief flirt with spring to end. Opening with “Red Flag” they engaged the audience quite quickly. Their fans were singing along and dancing. The Triple Rock is notorious among photographers for its lackluster lights that were greatly helped by an LED lit & sign on stage. One interaction that stood out, was singer Brandon Robbins asking the crowd “Does it ever get warm here?” and when assured it did responding with “I believe you………” The set reached its high point with their hit “Young & Unafraid”.

UK singer Banners was promoting his self titled debut album. He proclaimed the audience the “Coolest Americans”. He also was amazed by the amount of US flags displayed all over the country. “Shine a light” is his most well known song. He thanked the audience for being here despite Bruce Springsteen playing in St. Paul the same night. Looking at the audience, most fans seemed to be much happier watching him.

Pop ETC closed out the evening. The New York trio released its 4th studio album last month. While it has been 4 years since their last album they have been keeping busy supporting the Wombats and Oh Wonder on their respective tours. They shared their love of small clubs like the Triple Rock with the audience. Their fans enjoyed the new material and of course their current single “What Am I Becoming”.

Overall a very enjoyable evening with 3 great bands that hopefully have warmer weather and well attended shows waiting for them on their tour.