Advanced Placement Tour 2.0 rolls into the Triple Rock


Last February Sirius XM’s Alt Nation lined up 3 up and coming bands and sent them on the road as the Advanced Placement Tour. This fall they did it again with the current group being made up of Night Riots, The Shelters and The Hunna playing the Triple Rock last night. The venue was close to sold out with a mix of ages from college to people close to my age (aka old farts).

Starting the night was California band Night Riots. That band puts on one heck of a live show. First off is singer Travis Hawley who knows to how work a crowd with poses and eye contact. The rest of the band are no slouches either, they bring out drums several times during the set and work as a group or duo and use LED drumsticks on a dark stage. Anyone in the crow who was asking “Who are those guys” got reminded with their singles “Contagious” and “Nothing Personal” being played back to back. Hawley’s voice at times reminds me of the Cure’s Robert Smith – just rocks harder. Overall a very energetic set that got us started on a high note.

LA Band The Shelters delivered a complete 180 from Night Riots synthy sound. The “Yucky Trump” sticker on one of their amps might as well said “Yucky Keyboards”. There is a ton of classic rock vibe but it’s not old-fashioned. Guitarist Chris Simpson had some of the coolest guitars I have seen in a while lined up on stage including 2 12-string monsters. Josh Jove looked like a 50s rocker and moved like Elvis (the young one). The sound was modern and classic at the same time and there were plenty of guitar jams including a giant finish. Some of the young ladies in the front row – clearly there to see the Hunna – were not sure how to handle that much rock’n roll. In short, this was may favorite set of the night. As the set ended, an awed voice from the crowd could be heard: “OMG, The Shelters just TRASHED that stage”

Then it was time for The Hunna – not named for St. Hunna (a French Saint) but rather for the British Slang term for 100. Their setup was simple compared to their predecessors, but boy, those Brits know how to rock! Many in the crowd had waited all evening for them and the cheers that greeted them filled the Triple Rock. The band had just spent the day with the Timberwolves and was stoked about this. A young band, their stage energy was contagious. Singer Ryan Potter aka. Valentino introduced their new single “Piece by Piece” with the words: “I expect to see some sexy dancing”. Overall a great set.
I for one hope, AltNation will continue its Advanced Placement tour – in my book they are 2 for 2.
Set List: We could be / Still got Blood / Never enough / You and Me / Piece by Piece / Coming Home / Rock my Way / She’s Casual / Alive / Bonfire