Acid Dad Brings A Wednesday Night Party To 7th Street Entry


After a couple of very intense shows, I knew Wednesday would not end in a sweaty mess with people gasping for air. It was a chill show while still having a sense of energy to it which helped the  crowd make it through yet another Wednesday in the middle of a week that, due to the full moon, has become a bit strange and, well, a bit off.

The show started 30 minutes late – on a weeknight that means 30 minutes less sleep. Regardless, I tried to shake it off as Go For Retro took the stage.  Their set was short and to the point and their Muse-sounding music was the perfect soundtrack for the young audience members who were still trickling into the venue. Although they only played about five songs, their set left the crowd feeling ready for a rock show and that’s exactly what they were going to get.

Second to take the stage were locals France Camp. Walking into last night’s show, I thought I had never heard of them before but as they kicked into their short set I realized I had seen this group before and my pessimism regarding how my night was going to go instantly change to optimism and I found myself bobbing my head along to the infectious beat. France Camp has a very California sun punk sound to them and an energy to match. I watched as the band members moved along to the music which, in turn, seemed to give the young audience the confidence they needed to do the same. No more standing still, the entire room was dancing along to the fun music of France Camp. At times their sound and show reminded me of Fidlar with that whole I don’t give a fuck, I’m going to play loud and fast and you’re going to dance attitude. At other times the members just came off as those best friends that you’ve been jamming to since their days in the garage and basement. Regardless of what the members of France Camp made you feel, their set was definitely enjoyable but was unfortunately done to soon. This is definitely a band I would love to see again and hope to be able to do so sooner rather than later.

Closing out the night was Acid Dad and, despite the late set time, I was excited and ready to see this New York based band. Acid Dad has a very unique sound. At times their music comes off as very psych-punk but it isn’t afraid to wander into the surf-punk, straight up punk, straight up indie, and many other worlds. The uniqueness of their music kept their late set feeling fresh and energetic and kept me from obsessing over how much sleep I would end up getting if I left at any given time. Although their music is up-beat and even dancey at times, there’s also an undeniable sense of calmness and a very chill vibe that radiates off the stage as this group plays.

Even though they have only been around since 2015, Acid Dad is clearly one of those ‘bands to watch’ and I’d be willing to bet they are on many people’s ‘breakout band of the year’ lists for this year. Their sound and energy is something that seems to stand out among other bands like them and is sure to shoot them to the top in no time. Their signature Adidas logo t-shirt that says Acid Dad instead of Adidas is quickly becoming a staple in many people’s closet and a shirt I’ve been noticing more and more at other shows. It’s that smart-assery, sense of humor and the way they are able to stay so humble even with all of the buzz that is sure to make these guys a lasting band in a scene full of bands that never seem to last that long.

Not every band on every show can be a winner. Last night was a prime example of how easily one band that you don’t enjoy or one late start can ruin an entire night. If you don’t like an act or band or you’re in a bad mood, don’t write off the show (or even that band). Shake it off and move on. You’re at a concert– it’s meant to be up for interpretation and personal opinions but it’s also meant to be fun and a way to escape your normal, mundane life.