Abisha Uhl Nails a Great Performance at The Park


The Park in Fridley, MN (formerly called Pickle Park) was the place to be last Thursday night. Some folks were there to grab a bite to eat, while others were there to hang out at the bar and partake in the liquid refreshments. However, as 10PM rolled along, all eyes and attention turned to the live music area as Abisha Uhl took the stage.

The cold pre-holiday temperature outside was clearly no match for the smoking hot performance that unfolded inside. From the first chords played by guitarist Kace to the last beat of the drums, Abisha’s set was solid and well executed. The crowd was a clear echo of the great performance, as there was an instant gathering in front of the stage just as the opening number started off. With most originals carrying a stylized indie rock / alternative sound, it was a great unexpected twist when the Jackson 5 cover ‘I Want You Back’ surfaced mid way through the set.

If you haven’t seen Abisha live,  make sure you do. The music and the energy are a guaranteed great time. And this coming Friday night (December 30th) is your chance. Abisha Uhl will be performing live at Club Underground in Northeast Minneapolis. Don’t miss out.