Aaron Carter at Buster’s Sports Bar and Grill on March 8th


I’ve been covering shows in Mankato for some time now and I’ve seen almost every level of attendance at said events.  However, I was not prepared for the amount of people that showed up to see Aaron Carter at Buster’s on March 8th, 2016.  Opening the show was A Nameless Alliance and It Came From The 80’s.  I was not able to see A Nameless Alliance since my daughter had an orchestra performance, but I knew from seeing them in the past they put on quite the performance!  By the way, everyone participating in orchestra performance at East High School did amazing!!  Anyway, It Came From The 80’s was performing their last few songs when I was able to make it and the place was packed!  There’s a little space between the stage and the sound booth at Buster’s and that area was completely full of people.  They all had a great time listening to It Came From The 80’s which featured Dave ‘Ocho’ O’Connell and Julie ‘Starr Mackenzie’ Thompson, both of who are very much a part of the Mankato music scene.  It was nice to see that they were selected to open at this show and I’m happy to have seen them perform!  I didn’t get to take many photos, but there are a couple crowd shots below.

Now, Buster’s doesn’t have a “photo pit” area, so I had to find a way to get up by the stage before Aaron Carter took the stage.  I went up on stage and grabbed a few crowd shots and luckily the security staff helped me get in from the front rather than pushing through all the lovely ladies that had crowded up by the stage to get a close look at Aaron.  The group that I was standing next to was really nice and understanding and I have to give a shout out to them for their patience.  Even though I was fortunate enough to get up close, everything got crazy once Aaron Carter started his set.  He asked that the lights be turned down and that made things really difficult to get a good photo as he moved around the stage a lot.  I was surprised by the amount of energy that he put into his performance and even though this isn’t my favorite type of music, it was a decent show to watch.  The crowd absolutely loved it though!  They were going crazy and I was constantly getting bumped and pushed, though I didn’t mind.  However, one the side to side dancing started, I moved to the back of the crowd!  Aaron brought one woman up on stage with him while I was there and she was excited to be up there!  As I said, the lighting was less than ideal, but it’s to be expected in a bar setting!  Take a look at the photos below.

All in all, the show was a success and hope to see this sort of attendance at some of the other shows in town!  There’s quite a few good shows coming up so check out a calendar HERE.

As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!