A Whimsical Performance By Lord Huron At The Sold Out Palace Theatre


After what felt like the never ending winter, it was refreshing to walk down the streets of St. Paul on my way to the Palace Theatre in a pair of shorts and a hoodie, like a true Minnesotan.  There is something whimsical about attending a show at the Palace, particularly when the show is sold out, and this evening’s Lord Huron show was certainly building up to be special. The crowd trickled in between doors and the start of the only opener, In Tall Buildings, quietly packing the venue. 

As I grow older one thing I appreciate is a lower number of bands on the tour bill, as my attention span seems to wane as time goes on. When In Tall Buildings walked on the stage and started their set, a wave of silence flooded the Palace, the crowd eagerly waiting the start of the night. While I can’t completely say I was captivated by this band’s entire performance, I can say that their atmospheric and emotive sound piqued my interest. However, some of their songs felt as though they blended together, and I needed to be in a specific mood to take a closer listen. With that said, the majority of the crowd was into their vibe and I definitely appreciated the easygoing atmosphere In Tall Buildings was able to create. 

Last up for the night was headliner Lord Huron. I’ll admit, this was another instance of me listening to an artist’s music on my way to photograph their show, and I was able to pick out a couple of the tracks I listened to on the drive. As soon as Lord Huron sauntered onto the stage to the green glow of their logo, the excitement kicked in and the indie rock takeover began. With the sold out crowd packed in tight, Lord Huron began an incredible set accentuated by their brilliant stage lighting. Looking through the crowd I could instantly tell that I was far from alone in being awed by their performance. Even though I wasn’t completely sold on their music on the drive in, there’s always something about seeing a band play their songs live that wins me over, and Lord Huron was successful in doing so.