A Silent Film makes magic happen at the Entry


Every once in while I get to see a show where everything comes together perfectly. The venue, the artist and of course the audience. Monday night at the Entry was one such moment when Britain’s A Silent Film met an audience there to have a blast.

Opening for them was Minneapolis band Grayshot. Made up of Aaron Ankrum, Christian Ankrum, and Reese Kling they release their latest album “Borders” this spring. Once again I stumbled across a local band I had not hear before but really like. Their alt-pop is smooth with synthy intros. Their set list was heavy on their latest album with my personal favorite being “Left Foot Right Foot”

Set List: Ghost / Opposites Attack / Echo / You know / Sing it out / Far from Me / Left Foot Right Foot / Easy Way Out

A Silent Film filled the small stage at the Entry with their gear, lights and a background that had fans cheering the moment it was turned on and from the first bars of “Harbour Lights” something just clicked. The small venue and low stage brought singer Robert Stevenson right to the crowd, their energy jumped back to him the result was one of the best sets I have seen so far this year.

Augmented by 2 touring members the duo of Stevenson and drummer Spencer Walker sounded great. Many of their songs have a big feel (think a poppy version of Muse) but a couple of them also slowed down a bit. Between songs he chatted with the audience about their visit to the Mall of America and how the malls social media staff tweet their lyrics back at them.

One fan managed so sum up the show better than I ever could. At the end of a song a female voice could be heard: “F*king Heaven!!!” to which Stevenson responded with a grin: “Cool!”

Set List: Harbour Lights / Paralysed / Unturned Soil / Something to Believe in / Lightning Strike / Vermillion Dream / Firefly in my Window / You will leave a Mark / Danny Dakota