A Night of McDonald’s, Mariachi Music, and Ned Flanders– The Mockstrosity Tour Stops at First Avenue


Are you a fan of The Simpson, McDonald’s, or mariachi music? Then Friday night’s show is definitely a show for you!

The Mockstrosity tour will be making a stop at First Avenue on Friday, March 10th and bringing with them some of the best of the best in the world of mockery. With Mac Sabbath bringing the food-themed metal music, Metalachi bringing their unique metal-mariachi brand of music, and then Okilly Dokilly with their Ned Flander’s themed metal, Friday night is sure to not only be a great concert, but a freaking blast! More than just a concert, all three acts promise a night of comedy that should pair nicely with the quirky music and, what is sure to be, quirky audience.

Looking for something a bit different? Look no further. Friday is sure to be a bit strange, a bit wacky, and all around amazing!