A Lil Pump of This, A Lil Skies of That, and a Whole Lot of Energy at Myth Live!


The line outside the Myth last night was anything but little given the fact that two of the hottest rockstars in hip hop were in the building. Lil Skies is surely capable of packing the venue on his own and the same could be said for Lil Pump. So it’s no surprise that the line wrapped around the building or that the place was packed wall to wall with both artists slated to perform. The all ages crowd was in good spirits and full of more energy than they knew what to do with and that’s exactly what Skies and Pump wanted. Energy. 

After a modest but compelling set by Los Angeles based rapper Desto Dugg who hit the stage draped in camouflage and a ski mask, Lil Skies arrived in full form. Having just recently performed at the Myth last December he announced “I’m back!” After his first track wrapped up. After a few more crowd favorites Skies made a point to pay respects to the recent losses that hip hop as a culture has experienced. Crossing his arms in front of him in the form of an ‘X’ he asked the audience to do the same. This an ode to the late XXXTentacion who was murdered last year. In addition Skies also said “you know I have to do you for my PA homie too” as Mac Miller’s anthem Donald Trump began to play. Despite a minor hiccup during the set where he misstepped and fell, his set was pure energy and he wrapped up his time on stage oddly enough, by getting off the stage making his way around the venue to the back where he climbed one of the staircases and rapped his hit ‘Red Roses’ as a finally.

A modest break between sets for the stage to be prepped for Lil Pump did nothing to the excitement curated by Skies. Pumps DJ was there to keep the crowd going as well playing all the hits from from Sicko Mode to Old Town Road. Pump hit the stage not long after but well before he charged from backstage the bass from the amps had begun and everybody in Maplewood May just have felt it. The bass shook me to my core as Pump bound from behind the curtains. If Lil Pumps songs are one thing above all else they are fun to sing along to and easy enough to get the hang of. It came as no surprise that the crowd echoed every word of his back his way and by the third song in he was requesting circle pits and the like. Those in the crowd were more than happy to oblige and the momentum continued. It was relentless but in the most amazing way possible. It was ear shattering and a joint set for the ages. Without a doubt an exciting show and one that anyone in a city they stop in will not want to overlook.