A Grumpy Old Man Goes To See Mt. Joy and LOTT At The Entry


Going to a show was the last thing I wanted to do yesterday. I had spent my day driving around town photographing commercial real estate. 200 miles of city traffic. My back and legs hurt and I was tired as hell. But I had agreed to cover Mt. Joy just the day before. Maybe they forgot about it? Nope, here’s the confirmation e-mail. Oh well, let’s go………

Needless to say I was a bit grumpy walking into the Entry. Nobody got head butted (I’m proud of that). And LOTT the opener took the stage. I had seen her a couple of times before with We Are The Willows. She describes her solo project as Classical Experimental Violin. It is based on looping and the cords she lays down at the beginning of her songs are whimsical and fun relying heavily on Pizzicato (string plucking). LOTT calls them sad songs, but I found them calming and felt much of my bad mood evaporate. She also answered a bunch of random questions from the audience. Overall I really enjoyed her set, it was just what I needed.

Feeling a lot less grumpy, I was looking forward to Mt. Joy taking the stage. I felt I should know the name better than I did. Their PR rep pitched them a “Festival Favorites”. That’s about as far from the 200 person Entry as you can get, so I was curious. The intro to their first song “Dirty Love” was drawn out and peaked my interest, their second “Jenny Jenkins” had me paying full attention. Fans were of course ahead of me singing along loudly. Yes, the description was right – Mt. Joy turned the Entry into their own little festival. It was lacking the sunny skies, but the women in the front row certainly had a Coachella vibe going.

There was some good natured banter about adjusting the monitors “You want less of me? How Rude!” and a chuckle from the crowd when they mentioned how cold PA gets. I moved the back of the room after taking my photos and as they came to a close I finally figured out why I should know Mt. Joy “Silver Lining”! DUH!!!! If you saw someone smack their head last night, that was me.

As I walked to me car, I noticed a spring in my step, and I was actually humming “Jenny Jenkins”. Thanks LOTT and Mt. Joy, you gave me a great ending to a tough day.

Set List: Dirty Love \ Jenny Jenkins \ Astrovan \ Cardinal \ I’m Your Wreck \ Bigfoot \ Sheep \ Julia \ Mt. Joy \ Younger Days \ Silver Lining  Encore: St. George \ Don’t Let It Bring You Down


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