7Horse Rides Into Turf Club November 13th

Photo credit: Mark Maryanovich.

The Turf Club in St. Paul will be just the third stop on 7Horse’s The Superfecta Tour on November 13th. What a great chance to hear a preview of songs from the band’s forthcoming 11-track album, Superfecta, before its release on December 7th.

7Horse formed in 2011 and is comprised of longtime friends and musical partners Phil Leavitt (drummer and lead vocals) and Joie Calio (guitars, bass, and vocals) who first played together in the platinum alternative rock band dada. Leavitt talks about the experience: “We made some great music in dada and it took us all over the world (notching a hit song like ‘Dizz Knee Land’ will do that for you). But we knew it was time for something new. A new approach, more raw, more primal. It can be hard to start over and leave the past behind. But there’s something deeply satisfying about breaking free from expectations and really testing yourself. It makes you feel alive.”

The duo has blazed their own trail across three well-reviewed albums: Let the 7Horse Run (2001), Songs for a Voodoo Wedding (2014) and Livin in a Bitch of a World (2016). Their most notable song is “Meth Lab Zoso Sticker” which was featured in Martin Scorcese’s Oscar winning film, The Wolf of Wall Street. “There’s a level of validation when Martin Scorsese thinks your song is good enough for his movie,” says Calio. “That was the proverbial shot in the arm for us. We weren’t looking for it, but we had worked our asses off — sometimes stuff like that comes to you.” Watch the video that has nearly 1.7 million YouTube plays here:

For previous albums, the band traded ideas and riffs online, but decided to shake it up for their new album Superfecta with several months of pre-production and writing together in person. The result is an expansive, daring take on 7Horse’s blues-rock sound. “We started as a two-piece, blues-influenced, Black Keys-styled band, but we couldn’t stay there,” says Leavitt. “We have all these influences. I’m a product of growing up in Vegas, so I love showbiz, and I love rock’n’roll. To me, it’s like Dean Martin fronting the Stones. Is there room for that? We want to find out.” The duo started working with Brian Whelan, a multi-instrumentalist who recently served as the guitar player for Dwight Yoakam. “He’s a great bass player and keyboardist, and he really frees us up live,” says Calio.

Lyrically, Superfecta, the band’s fourth studio album, centers on four themes — death, money, love and the duo’s relationship to music (hence the title, a reference to betting on the four winning horses in a race). The album also touches upon the frazzled state of our country — see the toe-tapping, what-do-you-believe first single “What Is America.” Here’s the lyric video so you can become familiar before the concert.

The band truly thrives on the road explains Leavitt, “The road is where a band really lives. It’s where you prove that what you did in the studio isn’t all smoke and mirrors. But the audience makes the show happen. The energy we create together is a unifying force. We need it more than ever.” Calio adds, “We soak in the energy, the unique and symbiotic environment created each night with a new group of music lovers. There is absolutely nothing else on earth like it. It’s addicting, it’s powerful, it’s inspiring.”

Twin Cities based Collapsing Stars will be the opening act. They have been quietly making a name for themselves throughout the American west. Blending traditional blues, roots, folk, and Americana sounds with a hint of modernity, comparisons range from Iron & Wine and the Lumineers, to the Black Keys and Ben Harper. In 2018 they were selected as an official SXSW artist out of a pool of over 8K applicants. NPR Music named them a top 100 SX artist out of 2K showcasing acts.

Tickets are available HERE

The Superfecta Tour Dates: (More TBA)

November 9 – Denver, CO – 3 Kings
November 12 – Milwaukee, WI – Shank Hall
November 13 – St Paul, MN – Turf Club
November 15 – Chicago, IL – Chop Shop
November 29 – Washington, DC – Pearl Street Warehouse
November 30 – Philadelphia, PA – Boot & Saddle
December 1 – New York, NY – Rockwood Music Hall
December 2 – Boston, MA – City Winery Haymarket
December 4 – Los Angeles, CA – Hotel Cafe
December 5 – San Francisco, CA – Hotel Utah
December 7 – Portland, OR – Twilight Café and Bar