Three 6 Mafia Still Hypnotize Minds At The Fillmore


The Three 6 Mafia brought their reunion tour to the Fillmore Minneapolis Saturday night. These OG’s created their own genra of hip hop they call “horrorcore” strait out of Memphis in the early 90’s. They really popped with the groups 1995 debut album Mystic Stylez and garnered a cult like following. While their lyrics have mellowed over the years, DJ Paul and Juicy J haven’t, and they broke out a bunch of iconic tunes at this show.

The evening of ballads touting the challenges of pharmaceutical distribution and better living through chemistry began with a couple of tunes from Hypnotize Minds collective member Lil Wyte. The crowd was varied in age, made up of equal parts OG’s and young bucks, yet everyone sang along word for word.

Juicy J and DJ Paul came out together to crazy applause, booming bass and blazing lights. They immediately demonstrated the talent that can still pack large venues. The Academy award winning duo (yup, they got an Oscar for “Its Hard Out Here For A Pimp” which appeared in the film “Hustle & Flow”) rapped about weed, blow, pills and loose women. While this may not appeal to everyone, there is an authenticity to the words that convey the reality of life on the streets of Memphis. And boy did they look like they were having a ball tearing up the Fillmore stage. The setlist spanned the Mafia’s career, and no era was left out.                                                                                                                                                                     

The Three 6 Mafia continue to evolve and garner new fans by keeping it old school with an eye toward the future.

Setlist: Slob On My Knob – Who Run It – Tear Da Club Up –  Hit A Mutha Fucka – Side To Side – Dope Boy Fresh – Azz & Titties – Where Is The Bud – Bin Laden Weed –  Fuck Dat Shit – Push Wit It – Sippin On Sizzurp – Tounge RIng – Fuck Out My Face – Half On A Sack – I’m So Hi – Testin My Gangstas – You Scared – Don’t Violate – Lil Freak (Ugh Ugh) – Lolli Lolli – Players Anthem – Ridin Spinner – Stay Fly