The Birthday Massacre And Julien K Thrill At The Fine Line


Some shows are more of a challenge to get press access to than others. And it’s not always the ones that you think…… I have gotten photo passes to concerts that I never expected with no trouble at all (I still remember being all giddy in the pit for Iron Maiden). Tuesday’s show turned into a bit of a wild goose chase. I won’t bore you with the details, but I got the go ahead 6 minutes after the first band hit the stage. I can’t confirm that no traffic laws were broken during my drive to the Fine Line……..

As I walked in Plague of Stars were finishing their set with “Landscapes”, hopefully I’ll catch them in time for photos next time. 

Julien K rose from the ashes of Orgy with former members  Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck forming the core. In no time the stage was covered in smoke and heavy industrial beats filled the Fine Line. I had seen Julien K a couple of times before and had been looking forward to seeing them again. Neither I nor the fans were disappointed. 

In their 20+ years as a band, headliners The Birthday Massacre have built up a very loyal fan base evident by the loud cheers as they took the stage. Covid and other circumstances kept the band from touring for a few years, and the pent up energy was clearly felt. 

Set List: Superstition / Destroyer / Kill The Lights / Counterpane / All Of Nothing / Stars & Satellites / Enter / Leaving Tonight / Crush / Video Kid / One / Last Goodbye / Fascination / Looking Glass / Pins / Redstars / Blue

Encore: Midnight / Under Your Spell / In The Dark