2019 Twin Cities Music Photographer Showcase – Day 2


For the 5th year we have asked our photographer colleagues and TCM staff to share their favorite music pictures they have taken in the last 12 months. 

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Alexa Chihos

“My name is Alexa Chihos and I will be going into my fourth year of concert photography.  Over the course of this last year, I feel like I have really developed and tuned into my editing style, while still being pushed to grow and learn.  What makes this special for me is that I love being able to not only capture my favorite artists, but I like to discover and connect with artists that I am not familiar with or just introduced to. You can find my work on TCM and Instagram

Only picking five photographs was tough this year; there were a lot of great shows, great lighting, and high energy performances to capture. 

GRiZ at The Armory was not only my top show of the year in general, but my favorite to shoot.  This crowd shot near the end of his set really for me exemplifies the good vibes he and his team is able to create on stage.  

Lizzo was a big big show for me as a photographer; not only did I feel nervous to be one of the few allowed to shoot, but I felt very humble and grateful to capture such an incredible, high energy artist doing her thing on stage. 

August Burns Red finally played a venue that was not The Cabooze this year and getting the proper lighting for their play though of “Constellations” made it a photographer’s dream. 

This year, I was able to finally photograph The Maine and they did not disappoint – I usually always dislike the crowd shots I take, but this one of their stage presence and performance gave me a soft spot for them.  

Last but not least is this photo of Chase Atlantic.  I shot a lot of difficult shows this year and Chase Atlantic’s was by far the most difficult.  But I was able to walk away with a shot I am very proud of.”


Andrew Dobin

Hi all! I am Andrew, I work as the house photographer at the Armory and also contribute to the amazing Twin Cities Media and other local affiliates in the Twin Cities. My passion lies in music and events but you may spot me ringside for fight nights or at a wedding or two!

Website and Instagram

The images I chose this year are from shows which stick out in my mind. Whether it was the production level, the artist, or just the image itself these photos are engrained in my memory. 


Chad Rieder

I’ve been a music photographer for over ten years. In 2019 I took a step back in quantity to focus more on shooting artists that I love and I had a great year doing that. You can find my work at chadrieder.com, Minneapolismusicblog, and Instagram 

I chose these images based on feelings just as much as what I perceive as quality. 

Shooting Interpol early in the year at Palace Theatre was a treat and the lighting was stellar. Although the lighting for Phantogram was tough, I made the most of it and got one of my favorite images of the year from a great show. 

The super sold out Robyn dance party also brings back fond memories. 

I’m a huge Father John Misty fan and have photographed him many times. He was in top form at The Armory during his dual headlining show with Jason Isbell last summer and there are several shots from that show that could’ve made the cut. 

Chvrches brought the fire to Basilica Block Party and I can’t wait to photograph them again. Cheers to 2020!



Kyle Hansen

My name is Kyle Hansen and I have been shooting concerts since the mid eighties. This year I had the pleasure of shooting some of the biggest bands and artists around.

I run 1013 Music Reviews for music reviews and RKH Images for everything else.

We had front row for the Iron Maiden show in Chicago and got Bruce to look right at me during the first number Aces High, made for a perfect shot.

Shot Aerosmith from the crowd at the Summer Jam at Canterbury and captured the Toxic Twins together.

Was very surprised to shoot Katy Perry at the Final Four show at the Armory. Been trying to take her pictures for years.

Kiss shot was accepted into the State Fair in the Fine Arts building. I have tried for years to get in and I got in on a concert photo. A very special thing that happened this year.

Judas Priest shot was in Milwaukee. Brought my small camera to shoot later in the show and got this epic pic of Rob on the cycle.


Steve Peterson

I image the music, dance, and literary performing arts. You can find more of my work here

1-LA’s rocking soul artist Raquel Rodriguez w/Stan Taylor, Ice House, Mpls, 3/7/19

2-Cory Wong’s funk pop machine at the Fine Line, Mpls, 2/7/19

3 – Kevin Gastonguay w/New Sound Underground, Ice House, Mpls, 3/7/19

4-Jameson Scriver’s The Good Fight Big Band, Bear’s Place, Bloomington, IN,  10/24/19

5-Kenni Holman, Steve Strand, w/Cory Wong, Fine Line, Mpls, 2/7/19


Timothy Olson

Twin Cities photographer that likes to capture images of concerts, nature, storms, and travel.  As you can see, I like capturing moments in time as they naturally occur. I really liked the 3 sample photos as they all historic icon bands and musicians.  I like the challenges of macro photography and anything in nature. My website