Graveyard Club And The Ocean Blue Make Friday Dark, Moody, And Great At The Fine Line


Friday night’s bill at the Fine Line was irresistible to those of us who like our music a bit dark and moody. Minneapolis’ Graveyard Club celebrated the release of their new album “Goodnight Paradise” and somehow the band that shared the stage with them were the iconic The Ocean Blue.

If I had any doubts about how important The Ocean Blue are to their fans, the tone of voice in DJ Jake Rudh’s voice as he introduced the band at the Fine Line. This band was THE cool band for many of us in the early 90s. 6 years since their last album, they released their “Kings and Queens / Knaves and Thieves” a few weeks ago. I knew some of their songs from casual listening but their sound drew me in and by the time “Sad Night, Where Is Morning?” they had my full attention and then some. The magic that made them cool was still there. And they were having fun with it – can you work the theme song from a very cheesy 80s sitcom into a song? The Ocean Blue can! And how can I not love a set that closes with a cover of the song that started my own journey into New Wave “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

Set List: All the Way Blue / Ballerina Out of Control / Sad Night, Where Is Morning? / Kings and Queens / It Takes So Long / Drifting, Falling / Paraguay My Love / Mercury / Love Doesn’t Make It Easy on Us / Sunshower / Slide / Sublime / The Limit / Ask Me Jon ( w/ The Love Boat theme song interpolation) / Frozen / Between Something and Nothing / Love Will Tear Us Apart

Between sets DJ Jake Rudh took on the New Order/Joy Division challenge thrown down and responded with “Age of Consent”

Graveyard Club turns out to be in the “Where the heck have you been hiding?” category for me. After being pitched the show, I started listening to their new album, their older albums, their videos, their studio performance on The Current………… get the idea – I liked them A LOT!

The stage was set with a flimsy cloud like background. Local fans (and family) had turned out in force and their merch booth was doing brisk business. I am happy to report Graveyard Club turns out to be a great live band. Singer Matthew Schufman dark voice sets the perfect tone and the vocals of bass player Amanda Zimmerman provide a bright counterpoint. Of course the set was heavy on songs from their new album and I enjoyed getting to know their older material as well. Many of the songs I heard that night, have found my way unto my playlist and that by any measure is a good show.

Witchcraft / Ouija / William / July / Red Rose / Stay Young / Cassandra / Cellar / Finally / It Hurts / Nightcrawler / Birdie / Dreamland / Deathproof / Blue / Into