The Saber Legion Battle of Champions to be held at the Crystal Community Center on 10/22


If you are a Star Wars fan and can’t wait until Rogue One will be in cinemas but watching Star Wars on DVD just doesn’t cut it, there may be just the thing for you happening in the galactic hotbed of Crystal, MN at its Inter-species Community Center. Light Saber Fighters from as far as the Colorado system will gather for a tournament of champions.

The Force (see what I did there?) behind this event is The Saber Legion a Minnesota community that got its start in 2015 focused on Light Saber combat. They have grown to have chapters in many states There are equipment specs and a combat forms starting with Shii Cho. At the very least this promises to be an entertaining event. The event will be on 10/22 at 5 PM. Check out their Facebook Event Page for details. Tickets are still available HERE