The Raconteurs on their way to Minneapolis for Their First Tour in 8 Years


The long wait is over. After 8 years of not hearing a peep from the the super group, the band is back together touring with their new album “Help Me Stranger”. The group is front by two Michigan icons, Brendan Benson and Jack White. Back in 2005 the band got together and released two album “Broken Boy Soliders” and “Consolers of the Lonely”. Their second album left everyone on such a high note that people have been begging for a reunion. We got our wish. The Raconteurs will be playing The Armory on Monday, July 15th. 

With them on this comeback tour the band has brought Lillie Mae to open the show. Mae is in the process of releasing her second album. Her country and bluegrass sounds brings you back to the days when country music wasn’t seen as frat boys in tanks and suburban people playing cowboy for a night, but when it had heart and not fueled by parties and money. The Nashville singer, songwriter, downtown scene slayer, and most-wanted fiddler debuts songs from her new album, Other Girls (out August 16th via Third Man Records). Lillie Mae grew up touring in a motorhome with her family band, busking from RV parks to the Rio Grande before sweeping through the clubs of Music City, honing a voice that “howls like wind through the trees” (Refinery29).


Doors are at 6:00pm and the show starts at 7:30pm.

Tickets are still available here.