The Posies come to St. Paul for a “Secret Show” on 9/22


20 years into their existence alt-rock band The Posies are still very much alive and kicking. Now a trio with founding members Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow joined by Frankie Siragusa thee band released a new album “Solid States” in the spring. “I think it’s our most adventurous record to date,” Auer and Stringfellow said in a press release. “There was the conscious idea to strive for something different from the Posies of past, to use different colors and flavors. That was the plan, but then life had its way with our concepts and schedules, and threw many profound, out-of-the-park curveballs in our direction. By this point, we’d already painted ourselves into a musical corner, which ultimately left us no other option but to figure our way out, bit by bit, wave form by wave form.”

After a very successful Europe tour The Posies took a new approach to the North American leg by using alternative, “secret” locations that will not been known to the audience until the day before the show. The tour starts in St. Paul on 9/22. Tickets are available HERE

On a bonus note: While the location is secret, the opening band is not. One of my personal favorites, the Melismatics!

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Tour Dates:

22 Sept @ Secret Show, St. Paul MN [tickets]
23 Sept @ Secret Show, Chicago IL [tickets]
24 Sept @ Secret Show, Kalamazoo MI [tickets]
25 Sept @ The Raven House, Lexington KY [tickets]
26 Sept @ The Basement, Nashville TN [tickets]
27 Sept @ Secret Show, Cleveland OH [tickets]
28 Sept @ Euclid Records, St. Louis MO [tickets]
29 Sept @ Capitol View Studio, Little Rock AR [tickets]
30 Sept @ Secret Show, New Orleans LA [tickets]
1 Oct @ Secret Show, Houston TX [tickets]
2 Oct @ Secret Show, Dallas TX [tickets]
4 Oct @ Secret Show, Atlanta (Decatur) GA [tickets]
5 Oct @ Secret Show, Orlando FL [tickets]
6 Oct @ Secret Show, Tampa FL [tickets]
7 Oct @ Secret Show, Charlotte NC [tickets]
8 Oct @ Secret Show, Richmnond VA [tickets]
9 Oct @ Secret Show, Baltimore MD [tickets]