The 12th Annual Happy Birthday Janis: A Tribute To The Life & Music Of Janis Joplin – 1/12 at First Avenue


Some of the coolest shows that happen at First Avenue every year are events celebrating the life of artists past and present. For the 12th year Janis Joplin will be honored with a posthumus birthday bash. And it so happens to take place on the 12th so the organizers encourage everyone to shine with gold all night. Tickets are available HERE

This year Reed Grimm and Mae Simpson will help us travel back in time.

Born to a musical family, Reed Grimm has been performing on the stage since the remarkable age of 2 years old. Reed studied music and philosophy at UW-La Crosse where he co-founded the band Shoeless Revolution in which he is both lead singer and drummer. Through Shoeless Revolution, as well as performing with family members, friends and others, Reed has toured extensively around the country. Reed continues to pursue any and all musical adventures that come his way.

Mae Simpson is a singer/songwriter born In Beaufort South Carolina. From a very early age she would find herself singing songs she never heard, because they were her’s. Through the years she found love in the music she writes. Passion, soul, and a rawness of real emotions showing through. Today she works with an array of talented musicians in the Twin Cities hoping to bring back some soul and female power.