Surfaces Take to Fine Line Music Cafe on 1/11/20 with Public Library Commute

Surfaces and Public Library Commute will be at Fine Line on January 11th. Surfaces, the duo of Colin Padalecki and Forrest Frank, has been described as everything from jazzy to reggae, but overall – Fun. With two albums being released since they were founded in 2017, their most recent being “Where the Light Is,” was released in 2019, so that is sure to be highlighted in this show. The group aims to spread positivity and happiness – what is there to NOT love about that? Alongside Surfaces will be Public Library Commute, who is lead by a musical lone wolf named Conrad Hsiang from New York. PLC is gaining attention by the day and has an EP in the works. 

This show is currently SOLD OUT, however, there is a waiting list available to sign up for HERE. And, while we wait for tickets, check out some of Surfaces’ music below.