St. Vincent Hardly Down And Out Downtown Tuesday Night At The Armory


Photos by Vito Ingerto

Like a pitcher full of Harvey Wallbangers, St. Vincent came ready to party 70’s style at the Armory on Tuesday night. Constantly morphing and dynamic, Annie Clark aka St. Vincent brought an elaborate production in support of her latest release Daddy’s Home. The venerable Armory was the perfect location to generate a legit retro vibe for the evening.

Ever irreverent, St. Vincent brought a comedian to warm up the crowd Tuesday night.  Ali Macofsky’s set was raunchy and hilariously funny. She had a unique perspective that most of the Armory could relate to. Her set was short, but she packed a ton of laughs into her time on stage.

St. Vincent’s set opened with a revamped version of “Digital Witness”, dripping with 70’s stank. Dimly lit, with shadowy spotlights highlighting the baselines, three singers sauntered out onto the stage. As the lights went up, and the backup singers assumed their spots in front of an abstract cityscape, St. Vincent, fashion forward in a navy colored leisure suit with hot pants, took command of the show. Captivating the crowed with the new arrangement, her voice was raspy sweet. The stage dripped with funk as the band ripped through “Down”, the backup singers joining Annie at the front of the stage. 

Her new band was able to seamlessly go from the Daddy’s Home material to her earlier catalog, keeping the futuristic, slightly uncomfortable sound St. Vincent is known for, yet making it their own. There was a funky, R&B veneer that breathed new life into “Your Lips Are Red” and “Sugarboy”. She had a quick call from her sister, and Annie let her know she was in the hometown of Prince and Super Target.  And Annie was on fire on her signature Music Man guitar, jewels poured forth like a psychedelic waterfall. She took a solo during “My Baby Wants A Baby” that was so hot, she had to throw the guitar onto the stage to prevent 3rd degree burns. 

While she may look different every time she comes to town, St.Vincent serves up an incomparable extravaganza every time she visits.


Digital Witness – Down – Actor Out Of Work – Birth In Reverse – Daddy’s Home – Down And Out  Downtown – New York – …At The Holiday Party – Los Ageless – Sugarboy – Marrow – Fast Slow Disco – Pay Your Way To Pain – My Baby Wants A Baby – Cheerleader – Fear The Future – Year Of The Tiger – Your Lips Are Red – Live In The Dream – The Melting Of The Sun