Reverend Horton Heat Rolls In With An Americana Extravaganza November 28


A rockabilly riot is headed for The Mainroom.  The Reverend Horton Heat brings us the 2nd Annual Horton Holiday Hayride.  In addition to headlining the party, expect to hear new music as the band gets ready to release the album Whole New Life on November 30. Speaking of which, the new album will be available at the show. You’ll get a deal, support the artist direct, and major bragging rights!

In the grand tradition of those early traveling showcases, The Reverend brings with him renowned singer/songwriter Junior Brown, along with the Grammy winning Blasters and Big Sandy.  Guys like Horton Heat and The Blasters’ Phil Alvin may not have invented that bad boy rockabilly genre.  But they sure as hellfire and brimstone perfected it.

Tickets and details are available HERE.

Loaded .38s, space heaters, and big skies. Welcome to the lethal, littered landscape of Jim Heath’s imagination. True to his high evangelical calling, Jim is a Revelator, both revealing & reinterpreting the country-blues-rock roots of American music. He’s a time-travelling space-cowboy on an endless interstellar musical tour, and we are all the richer and “psychobillier” for getting to tag along.

Listening to the REVEREND HORTON HEAT is tantamount to injecting pure musical nitrous into the hot-rod engine of your heart. The Reverend’s commandants are simple. Rock hard, drive fast, and live true. And no band on this, or any other, planet rocks harder, drives faster, or lives truer than the Reverend Horton Heat. These itinerant preachers actually practice what they preach. They live their lives by the Gospel of Rock ‘n Roll.

Rockabilly walks that line between Rock ‘n Roll and Hillbilly music which is the early name for what became Country.  So in a tilt to the rural side of things, The Hayride provides the prolific JUNIOR BROWN.  Trust me, you’ve heard him.  There were several Grammy nods, a CMA (Country Music Association) award for My Wife Thinks You’re Dead, movie and repeated TV appearances. And there were the Ad Campaigns; The Gap, Lee Jeans and Lipton Tea. 

On the Rock ‘n Roll side of the ledger is one of America’s most enduring bands, THE BLASTERS.  Phil Alvin’s band is a regular to the Twin Cities and always draws a raucous crowd.  A friend once declared Alvin’s iconic voice like “Moses comin’ down from the rockabilly mountain!”

Opening the evening is BIG SANDY & THE FLY RIGHT BOYS, another Rockabilly Hall of Famer.

In the beginning, parents were scared to death by the behavior these kind of artists imbued in their kids.  It wasn’t quite proper getting so loud and visceral.  Not much has changed.  The formula is an American classic.