PREVIEW: The Internet at the Fine Line – Tuesday 10/6/2015


THE INTERNET – not just the communication strings that hold our life together, but also the Los Angeles-based, R&B/soul band fronted by Syd and Matt Martians. The band was founded in 2011 and although lead by the core duo of Syd and Matt, when they play live, The Internet is a full-fledged, stomp ‘n soul band – a six-person outfit whose youngest member is 17. Their current lineup is:

Syd Bennett
Matt “Martians” Martin
Jameel Bruner
Midtown Pat
Christopher Smith
Tim Lancer
Steve Lacy

They are on tour promoting their recently released album “Ego Death”. Their stop in the Twin Cities will see them play at the FineLine Music Cafe on Tuesday. Tickets are still available HERE

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The Internet