Norway’s Highasakite will play the Entry on 9/12


Norwegian Band HIGHASAKITE (and for your MN Norwegian’s they are not affected by Lutefisk fumes) just started their first US headlining tour to promote their sophomore album “Camp Echo”.
Their tour will bring them to First Avenue’s Entry on Monday 9/12. Tickets are still available HERE
As one of one of seven detention camps within Guantanamo Bay, “Camp Echo” is a brooding proposition. It’s entrenched in historical discourse, but for Highasakite’s Ingrid Helene Håvik, Camp Echo is more a state of mind. It forms the basis of Highasakite’s highly anticipated follow-up to debut LP Silent Treatment–an effort applauded on both sides of the Atlantic and now claiming the record for longest consecutive run in Norwegian chart history, having spent 94 weeks in the Top 40.
Despite loose political commentary, the album is without agenda. The intention is not to persuade or invade but more so, an attempt to make sense of the inner turmoil born of external unrest. “It’s not a political album in the sense that I want people to side with specific party or mindset, but it has been central in my life,” Håvik says. “There are not many love songs on the album, because I haven’t been in that state of mind for a long time. Global warming and war have been my main concern.