My Favorite Sets of 2018 – Elliot Menne


2018 was an incredible year for music for me. With tons of great hiphop releases and some great metal albums as well, I have had the pleasure of listening to new music for the majority of the year. Along with tons of great live shows to go along with them.

5. Starting off the year, I got the pleasure of seeing Brockhampton at Music Hall on the Love your Parents Tour in February. They put on an extremely energetic performance for the packed crowd.

Ashlan Grey//Billboard 2018

4.Tyler the Creator’s set at Soundset was another year-end highlight for me. He delivered a heartfelt and electrifying performance, even while being cut short. The weather was amazing and it was a great end of the day performance for me.

3. I have heard lots of mixed reviews Playboi Carti’s live performances, so when buying a ticket I didn’t really know what to expect. He had First Ave jumping for the entirety of his set. Everyone was screaming their favorite quotable lyrics and sweating profusely. It was by far the most high-energy crowd I’ve been in, which made for a very favorable night.

2.It was hard choosing which one of these last two shows reigns supreme as my number one concert of the year, so consider these last two tied for first. City Morgue is a rap duo based out of NYC. They rap aggressively over distorted guitar riffs and rap drums. They delivered a chaotic performance that the crowd seemed to love. Lots of moshing and cheering from the young crowd.

1. Lastly, my favorite performance of the year was one I had to travel far for, but it was well worth it. As soon as I heard Kanye West and Kid Cudi would be performing together in Los Angeles, I bought a ticket and booked my Airbnb because I knew I had to attend. After a long day in the California sun, they put on an incredible performance for everyone. They rapped their entire set in a floating glass box above the stage and were accompanied by lots of fire and lights throughout the set. As a huge fan, it was a dream come true to be able to see Kanye live, making it my favorite concert of the year.