Minnesota’s Kung Fu Hippies will release their live album at Bunkers on 9/6


Minnesota’s Kung Fu Hippies are going to release their live album at Bunker’s on Saturday 9/9, the same place they recorded it.

It’s a self-titled, 2-CD set, simply titled ‘Kung Fu Hippies,’ (although the fans are unofficially calling it ‘Rocktopus’ because of the artwork). Kung Fu Hippies is as Minnesotan as a band gets with the musicians having roots in other bands.

Frank Leonovich – Friends Of Yoder

Brad Ray – High Strung String Band

Chad Whittaker – Tim Mahoney Band / Stu Allen & Mars Hotel

Buzz Chopper – Mango Jam / Gold Standard

Geoff Prettner – Mango Jam

Mark ‘Munchie’ Collins – Gooneybirds

The first live release from this veteran Twin Cities-based rock band captures perfectly the atmosphere of their legendary live shows that the six-piece combo has hashed out and fine-tuned since playing their first show In 2000. featuring members of A-list bands ‘Mango Jam,’ and ‘The Gooneybirds,’ (among others), the music on this double-disc release features 14 original songs from four fantastic songwriters with diverse styles, making for a unique experience that always excites, and never repeats itself. Combine that with two mega-dynamic drummers (their fans call them ‘the Rocktopus’) and you have yourself a live experience like no other.

Photo Credit: Daniel Corrigan