Michael Kiwanuka will be at the Palace Theater on 2/3/2020 with Sammy Brue


On February 3rd, Michael Kiwanuka and Sammy Brue will be taking the stage at the Palace Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota; Tickets are still available HERE.

Michael Kiwanuka originates from London, England and has been sharing his music with us since 2011 with his debut EP Tell Me A Tale. His sound is said to be a mix of Indie and Folk Rock, which he populates with his vocals, guitar, bass guitar, and even keyboards. Michael has 3 studio albums to date, with his most recent being Kiwanuka which was dropped in 2019. 

Out of Utah, USA – Sammy Brue hit the music scene with their debut album I Am Nice in 2017 and since then has been gaining momentum by the day. Sammy claims to have been writing their music since the age of 10, and on top of that his resume is highlighted by releases of EPs such as Down and Desperation on top of the I Am Nice album. Favoring the acoustic guitar, Brue has been referred to as an “Americana prodigy” by Rolling Stone and you truly cannot miss a chance to see them.

Don’t Miss Michael Kiwanuka or Sammy Brue on 2/3/2020 – this will be one heck of an evening with two wonderful artists to carry things along!