MC Lars Returning To Skyway Theatre- Studio B 2/19


Everyone’s favorite geeky rapper MC Lars will be returning to Studio B at The Skyway Theatre on Wednesday, February 19th. If you haven’t seen him perform, I truly urge you to change that. 

MC Lars is the creator of post punk laptop rap and lit hop, which he has extended and powered into a fusion of rap, punk, rock, ska, pop, and other genres. He is post-modern — combining his music with powerful and present lyrics, and packing concert venues with raps about everything from the iGeneration to Guitar Hero to Edgar Allen Poe to Game of Thrones, the Simpsons and Cyberbullying. He speaks to and for people of all ages, lifestyles, and perspectives, and is a story-teller, covering love, life, loss, confusion, and hope. He does so with energy and wit, joined with a strong sense of humor and perspective.

The Doubleclicks will be joining MC Lars as an opener for this show. The Doubleclicks are a nationally-touring, Billboard-charting sibling pop band with a cello, a meowing cat keyboard, and songs about anxiety, queer identity, dinosaurs, cats, and board games. Their YouTube videos boast over 3 million views and have been featured on NPR, BoingBoing, and io9.

Also performing will be Schaffer the Dark Lord. Schaffer the Darklord (or STD) is a New York City-based rapper and comedian with material best-suited for brainy and/or drug-addled audiences. With manic energy fueling a cartoonishly commanding stage presence, STD skewers such topics as hedonistic substance abuse, sexual compulsion, urban anxiety and obsessive cat-enthusiasts. Imagine a Frankenstein-esque monster assembled from equal parts Bill Hicks, Adam Yauch, Joey Ramone and Prince, stitched together inside the shell of a maniacal heavy metal ex-patriot. STD has released seven albums (2004’s “Meet My Maker,” 2007’s “Mark of the Beast,” 2009’s “Manslaughterer,” 2012’s “Junk Drawer,” 2013’s “Sick Passenger,” 2015’s “Sex Rhymes” and 2017’s “Junk Drawer Vol. 2”) and toured the country with such artists as MC Chris, MC Frontalot, Mega Ran and MC Lars. When he’s not on the road, he produces and co-hosts The Epic Piecast on the Nerdy Show Podcast Network. STD continues to write, record and perform with great frequency and has no intention of stopping until his masochistic rock-n-roll lifestyle destroys him.

My favorite local Nur-D just got added as the opening act for this can’t miss night of fun and geeky music.

Tickets are still available HERE!

Remaining Tour Dates:

2/11 – Orlando, FL – Geek Easy

2/12 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade

2/14 – Austin, TX – Empire Control Room

2/15 – Dallas, TX – Three Links

2/16 – Oklahoma City, OK – 89th Street

2/17 – Kansas City, MO – Riot Room *

2/19 – Minneapolis, MN – Skyway Theatre *

2/21 – Chicago, IL – Cobra Lounge *

2/22 – Lakewood, OH – Mahall’s *

2/23 – Ann Arbor, MI – The Blind Pig *

2/25 – Columbus, OH – Rumba Cafe *

2/26 – Rochester, NY – Bug Jar *

* with Doubleclicks