Don’t Miss Vinnie Caruana 10/16 at Amsterdam


The one and only Vinnie Caruana (from The Movielife, I am the Avalanche, and a handful of other projects) will be at Amsterdam Bar & Hall in Saint Paul on Wednesday, October 16th.

“I found what I love to do long ago,” says Vinnie Caruana. “Writing, recording and performing music, traveling, and making friends and memories. I don’t think I’d truly be happy doing anything else. When you look at it that way, what else is really important than to be happy with your life and how you choose to live it.”

Survivor’s Guilt (Vinnie’s 2016 full length solo release) is truly the creative culmination of Caruana’s career to date – something that’s extremely evident from the very first listen. There are, of course, some songs – “Burn It Down”, “Heavy Weighs The Summer”, “I Don’t Believe You” – that lean towards Caruana’s punk rock roots, but much of what’s heard here is fresh and new. “We Don’t Have To Die Alone” and “Angel Of North”, for example, are sad and beautiful songs that expose the frailty and vulnerability of the human condition, while, on the flipside, closing track “Your Religion Is Killing Me” is a fierce, ferocious instrumental boiling with existential angst and torment. “The amount of ill will done in this world in the name of religion makes me feel like I’m in a fever dream,” says Caruana. “I always wanted to have an instrumental on a record and the freedom of making a solo record gave me that opportunity. This song is that fever dream.”

Although Survivor’s Guilt ends on that bitter note, the album as a whole is full of hope and positivity, of the spirit, commitment and passion that drives Caruana to do what he does, as he always has. His perseverance and talent are perhaps best exemplified on the title track “Burn It Down”, which veers between extremes: it’s uplifting as well as melancholy, defiant as well as fatalistic, bruised and yet also unbroken.

Tickets are still available HERE!