Don’t Miss Third Eye Blind’s visit to the Twin Cities for GO 96.3’s SNOW SHOW at Myth on 11/24

Third Eye Blind comes to St. Paul this November 24th as the headliner for SNOW SHOW. Third Eye Blind has been rocking out since 1993 when they started out west in San Francisco. Their hits have been on the radio ever since with pieces like “Semi-Charmed Life” and “Jumper.” They’ve been making music ever since, with their 6th album Screamer being released just this year. 

Joining Third Eye will be Smallpools, Dreamers, and Gully Boys. Smallpools is also from the Cali area, but LA rather than San Francisco. The indie-pop foursome is known for their “chill” and laid-back vibes and sound. Dreamers are another indie American rock group, coming from the northeast in Brooklyn, NY. They are known for their unique sound that is said to “cross genres” at times, some even referring to them as spectacular as “Cosmic Rock.” Last but not least, we will have Gully Boys; the local trio is based out of Minneapolis and draw their inspirations from several genres and generations of music. Their most recent album was dropped in 2018 and titled Not So Brave

SNOW SHOW will be something out of a movie, so don’t miss out on all of these talented artists this late November. Tickets are still available HERE and while we wait for the tour buses to roll in- here’s a taste of what is to come.