Don’t Miss Reaping Asmodeia 1/29 at Turf Club


Reaping Asmodeia will be taking over the Turf Club on Saturday, January 29th alongside some of the best local metal bands the twin cities has to offer!

Reaping Asmodeia released their new album, Darkened Infinity, via Prosthetic Records on October 15, 2021. The Minneapolis trio’s third album sees them fuse together expansive and progressive technical death metal with conceptual themes of transcendentalism, the afterlife, and dream logic.

Speaking on the album release, the band comments: “The last year and a half to 2 years has been somewhat of a blur to a lot of us. When we completed Darkened Infinity at the onset of the pandemic, we were uncertain about a lot of things. For quite some time, we did not know when this body of work would be resting in your hands/ears – but that day has finally come! Words fall short to explain how pleased we are that you can endure Darkened Infinity, as we hoped it would be, from start to finish.

Joining Reaping Asmodeia will be In Search of Solace. Heavy music should address even heavier themes. Amidst a barrage of polyrhythmic jackhammer riffing, mind-bending percussion, electronic menace, and hypnotic vocal interplay, In Search of Solace raise poignant, provocative, and powerful questions. The Minnesota quartet—Jonny LaDuke [vocals], Nick Pocock [guitar, vocals], Clay Saver [bass], and Derek Ludgate [drums]—incite thought on their third full-length and first release for Sharptone Records, Enslaved to Tragedy (2019).

Also kicking things off will be Terraform. Terraform is a Progressive Metal band hailing from parts of the Midwest United States. And Cobra Czar– a band featuring members of Martyr A.D., Dead to Fall, Blue Ox, Ambassador Gun, Devilinside, and I am Vengeance. Pure American Rock ‘n’ Roll guaranteed to bring delight to families one and all.

Tickets are available HERE!