Don’t Miss Dave Hause & The Mermaid 4/11 At Entry


Dave Hause & The Mermaid will be at The 7th Street Entry on Thursday, April 11th for a show that you really shouldn’t miss. 

Dave Hause, who released his third solo record Bury Me In Philly in February of 2017 (through Rise Records) is showing no signs of slowing down! Affectionately known as ‘The Songwriters’ Songwriter’ by those ‘in the know,’ Hause’s Bury Me In Philly has already garnished over 1,000,000 cumulative plays on Spotify alone and sales of his infamous ‘Dirty Fucker’ line of tour merchandise (which has featured images of both Donald Trump and shamed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie) has allowed the band to donate thousands of dollars to just causes.

Hause continues his never-ending onslaught of ‘spit shine’ working class tales that run the relatable gambit of disappointment and heartbreak (but still ultimately show us that the good guys really do win in the end) with the announcement of multi-continental touring across Europe and America with Tiger Army, Gogol Bordello, Frank Iero & The Patience and Beach Slang. 

Austin Plaine will be getting the night started. It takes a bit to find our path. Or to know when we’re already on it. Austin Plaine wasn’t looking to become the next great singer-songwriter. Sure, the 23-year old Minneapolis native loved music. Played guitar since he was 13. Revered Ryan Adams and Bob Dylan. Idled his teenage days writing songs in his bedroom.

On his debut, you can hear why Plaine’s plaintive lyrics and calming rasp have earned early praise. His music, at times both unsettling and a comfort, has been hailed as “the soundtrack for nostalgia-drunk road trips.” And his voice: “Like worn flannel and faded jeans.” His influences are varied: the storytelling of Dylan, of course (“Coming from Minnesota, it’s hard not to be influenced by him….“Boots of Spanish Leather” is one of the first songs I really felt a connection with.”). You’ll be reminded of the breadth and genius of Conor Oberst. Listen closely, and you’ll hear bits of his other childhood heroes: Kurt Cobain, Springsteen, Ryan Adams.

Tickets are still available HERE but, beware, they are low so don’t wait!