Dancing Shoes Are A Must For Har Mar Superstar Show 7/20 at Amsterdam


Everyone’s favorite Twin Cities superstar Har Mar Superstar will be performing at The Amsterdam Bar & Hall on Thursday, July 20th. To say that seeing Har Mar live is a fun time would be an understatement. With a reputation of taking off clothes and being extremely provocative for a balding middle aged guy with a beer gut, this is a show you can’t afford to miss. Har Mar’s music is funky and upbeat so don’t forget your dancing shoes when walking out of the house. Still promoting his new album “Best Summer Ever” (that came out last year), I’m excited to see if he has any new tracks to thrill the crowd with. Regardless of what songs he plays, I guarantee there will be a smile on your face throughout his set.

Opening up the night will be notorious local group Tickle Torture. If you have not seen these guys live you are missing out. With confetti and glitter galore, they are sure to provide you with an unforgettable set that you can’t help but go tell all your friends about.

Tickets are sold out online but you can still grab one if you head over to Amsterdam Bar and Hall331 ClubAgharta Records, or Electric Fetus.