Cool Shows Next Week 11/26 – 12/2


Monday 11/26

Ocean Park Standoff  at the Varsity – TICKETS

Opening for Kodaline Ocean Park Standoff has been doing extremely well over the course of the last year.  Their first official single “Good News,” garnered massive praise since its 2017 release with over 3 million streams and landing on the hot AC charts as well as multiple Spotify playlists.  You can view the music video HERE which has over 2 million views. Elvis Duran spotlighted the group as an iHeart Artist of the Month in 2017 and the band performed on the Today Show as well as The Late Late Show with James Corden.  


Wednesday 11/28

Albert Hammond Jr at the Palace Theatre (Snow Show)  – TICKETS

Albert Hammond Jr has had a busy year since the release of his newest album, Francis Trouble, this past March. He’s toured the world, including festival stealing performances at Roskilde, Splendour in the Grass, and Fuji Rock and sold out shows in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, and beyond. Additionally Hammond and his band made late night appearances performing on both Conan and The Late Late Show With James Corden. On top of that, his current single “Far Away Truths” is having incredible success at radio, entering the top 25 on the Alternative Album charts and climbing.


Friday 11/30

Amanda Grace at the Amsterdam – TICKETS

Rayne Angel by Amanda Grace is a flavorful and diverse full length alternative based album. It is no surprise that Grace has kept developing her own taste in music; ranging from alternative rock to folk rock. Rayne Angel is a truly Minnesota made album; all of the album captured in her own home. Recorded & produced by Fletch Archerd & Amanda Grace.

Amanda brings forward a number causes close to her such as human trafficking, and children and families in constrained circumstances in relation to torn political environments. She calls into focus the necessity for all humans to live with compassion and with mindfulness of each other.

The feature track, “Rayne Angel,” was inspired by a young girl introduced to Amanda while she was on tour in 2017; and was written to inspire personal growth in the midst of callous circumstances. Her cover of “War Child” gives respect to Dolores O’Riordan and her legacy of music.


The Motet at First Avenue – TICKETS

Music and escapism go hand-in-hand. A concert or an album can unlock another world, if you let it. The Motet respect and revere this time-honored phenomenon. Fusing fiery funk, simmering soul, and improvisational inventiveness, the Denver, CO seven-piece—Lyle Divinsky [vocals], Dave Watts [drums], Joey Porter [keyboards], Garrett Sayers [bass], Ryan Jalbert [guitar], Parris Fleming [trumpet], and Drew Sayers [saxophone]—have continually provided an escape for listeners over the course of seven full-length albums since 1998, including their latest release Totem and with an 2018 release.

Death Or Devotion earmarks an important point in the band’s own journey. Since emerging in 1998, the seven-piece band (Dave Watts [drums], Joey Porter [keys], Garrett Sayers [bass], Ryan Jalbert [guitar], Lyle Divinsky [vocals], Drew Sayers [sax] and Parris Fleming [trumpet]) have cooked up eight full-length albums and entranced countless crowds. 2016 saw them welcome Lyle behind the mic and Drew on sax. Shortly after, they kicked off what has become an annual tradition by selling out the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater for the second time. Along the way, The Motet started recording Death Or Devotion during intermittent sessions at Scanhope Sound in their native Colorado, in 2017. For the first time, Lyle, Drew, and Parris (trumpet) worked on a Motet record together from start-to-finish, and each member of the band brought something different to the mix with their own unique set of musical influences and styles. The collection of nine new songs finds the band pushing boundaries and breaking new ground, welcoming old fans and new audiences alike – continually providing a welcome escape for listeners.

“The essence is always going to be the groove, but we wanted to expand the idea of what a funk album could be,” says vocalist Lyle Divinsky. “Of course, you want a driving backbeat. However, with the division that’s going on in this country and the world, I think it’s every artist’s responsibility to create a conversation. That conversation doesn’t have to be political either. It can be about love or an introspective journey. I think the commentary should be on what it’s like to be alive today. By drawing on funk, we create a fun, palatable musical vehicle for the message to go down. Our goal is for you to recognize we’re all dancing on the same dance floor—even though our steps may look a little different.”


British Commercials at the Walker – TICKETS – Nov 30 – Dec 30

Celebrate the UK’s most innovative and daring commercials from the creative world of British advertising. One of the Walker’s most popular traditions, back for the 32nd year, the British Arrows showcases an eclectic mix of riveting mini-dramas, high-tech extravaganzas, wacky British comedy, and vital public service announcements. This year, there are 10 extra screenings, bringing the total from 85 to 95.

Watching the awards in a cinematic setting provides a unique communal screening experience for all who attend.

It’s a much-loved program in the Twin Cities with many people attending year after year. The audiences are moved by the program, which can be a unique cross cultural experience, as they try to figure out brands and products that are not available in the U.S., but are cleverly conveyed. It’s a unique experience for American audiences to view ads that are not invested in the hard sell; rather, gaining interest in products and services through humor, pathos and a dynamic cinematography.

Each year a member of the British Arrows board attends the presentation, introduces the program on the opening night and handles interviews on TV, radio and the press. This year, (hopefully in his legendary pink suit), Charlie Crompton,

Chairman of the Board and Founding Partner of Rogue Films will introduce the opening night screening along with Janey de Nordwall, Managing Director of the British Arrows.

Saturday 12/1

Phosphorescent at First Avenue – TICKETS

In the five years since Matthew Houck’s last record as Phosphorescent he fell in love, left New York for Nashville, became a father, built a studio from the ground up by hand, and became a father again. Oh, and somewhere along the way, he nearly died of meningitis. Life, love, new beginnings, death— “it’s laughable, honestly, the amount of ‘major life events’ we could chalk up if we were keeping score,” Houck says. “A lot can happen in five years.”

On C’est La Vie, Houck’s first album of new Phosphorescent material since 2013’s gorgeous career defining and critically acclaimed Muchacho, he takes stock of these changes through the luminous, star-kissed sounds he has spent a career refining. By now, Houck has mastered the contours of this place, as intimate as it is grand, somewhere between dreamed and real, where the great lyrical songwriters meet experimental pioneers and somehow distill into the same person. It is Houck’s own personal musical cosmos, a mixture of the earthy and the wondrous, the troubled and the serene, and by now he commands it with depth and precision.

San Holo at the Skyway – TICKETS

Blending guitars and vocals, Dutch artist/producer San Holo creates a distinctive, forward-thinking style that places him high on the list of trailblazers in today’s electronic music landscape. San Holo first got interested in music while driving around with his dad in their native Holland—but never envisioned himself as becoming an electronic music DJ. He developed an early affinity for guitar and punk rock—playing in bands at an early age—which led to him attending Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam for a music degree. And, while he went in to study the guitar, he couldn’t help sneaking into the production classes. “I had so many ideas for making music and was getting tired of always looking for players to help fill the spots. I realized you are able to build entire songs around a laptop and that started my interest in production. I never walked into a club until my music started being noticed by people wanting me to DJ.”

Sunday 12/2

Wood Chickens at the Kitty Kat Klub – EVENT INFO

Wood Chickens is a cowpunk band from Madison, Wisconsin serving a spicy, extra caffeinated blend that draws inspiration from country-western, psychedelia and punk from across the decades. Formed in the tiny town of Milton, Wisconsin by high school comrades Alex Reilly and Griffin Pett, Wood Chickens soon moved to Madison in 2013 to escape the monotony of life in the small farming community. In the spring of 2015, they were joined by a new drummer, the eccentric Justin J. Johnson, whom had just returned to his home state of Wisconsin after touring with a Nashville-based rockabilly act. To date, Wood Chickens have self-released several albums worth of material and have releases with various indie labels across the United States. Through Big Neck Records, the prolific trio shows no signs of slowing down as they release their 2nd LP  Well Done! and embark on the road again and again with their fresh, energetic and eclectic musical styles. Their unique twist of genres, past and present, leaves their audiences wondering what will come next.


My Brightest Diamond at First Avenue – TICKETS

Opening for Stars

Not many people can front a rock band, sing Górecki’s Third Symphony, lead a marching band processional down the streets of the Sundance film festival and perform in a baroque opera of their own composing all in a month’s time. But Shara Nova can. Her multi faceted career as My Brightest Diamond, which began with an acclaimed independent rock record, has reflected her journey into the world of performing arts.

Born in diamond rich Arkansas and then raised all around the country, Nova came from a musical family of traveling evangelists. She went on to study operatic voice and then classical composition after a move to New York City. Shara began issuing recordings as My Brightest Diamond in 2006, following a protean period in the band AwRY, and joined Sufjan Stevens’ Illinoisemakers live ensemble. Asthmatic Kitty Records released her debut album, Bring Me The Workhorse in 2006, A Thousand Sharks’ Teeth in 2008, All Things Will Unwind in 2011, which featured songs written for the chamber ensemble yMusic, and This is My Hand in 2014.