Check out Manual Controllers new album “This is That” being released at Strange Vibrations at Honey Sunday 8/27


If you enjoy electronic music and are looking for a chill way to end the weekend, check out the Strange Vibrations event at Honey this Sunday 8/27. Event details can be found HERE

On the bill are:

Larry Wish

Manual Controller



Manual Controller, (know in civilian life as Paul Schwarzkopf) will be releasing his new album “This is That” that evening (and be giving away free copies to the first 50 through the door).  I took a brief listen to the album on BANDCAMP and found it complex and captivating without taking itself too serious. This is music you can easily dance too. My personal favorite is “Smells Like Happiness” a very catchy tune that catches you off guard with the many instrument sounds incorporated in a very playful way. It’s a bit like having a dance party to an old school Nintendo game.

Photo Credits: Jesse Ascher